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Four layered Masks

All our masks are designed with four layers which offer high protection from pollution, smoke, small droplets and deadly bacteria. The outermost and the innermost layers are 100% cotton, making it extremely breathable, comfortable and soft on your skin.

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The inner and the outer layer are anti-microbial process finished and keeps you fresh for a longer duration.

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All our masks come with a pulling nob in the bottom that helps to adjust the placement of the mask and ensure no touching on mask layer as per WHO recommendation.

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PFE + BFE Certified

Particulate Filtration Efficiency is 96% & Bacterial Filtration Efficiency is 98% - certified by Indian Government-authorized Laboratory.

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Our mask comes with the adjustable nose clip that fits snugly on any nose and face shape. The elastic-free adjustable ear band leaves no marks behind.

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Washable and reusable

Easy to wash and care for, our masks can be washed with water and they dry naturally, upto 50 washes.

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100% Cotton

The inner and outer fabric is made of premium cotton and ensures gentleness and softness on your skin.


Melt blown filter

MELT BLOWN NON-WOVEN 2 LAYER FILTER which filters the bacteria and other microparticles effectively.

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The cotton layer of our masks offers more breathability than a conventional mask.

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Revolving around minimalism and an aesthetic lifestyle, we aim to design and manufacture quality products. Our products are ergonomically curated to sustain for everyday living but with a touch of class and refinement.

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Your purchase matters

On every purchase of a mask pack, we donate one mask to the frontline healthcare and essential workers.

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