Warranty Registration


Welcome to the 1000 miles challenge.

Surprised? Read to know how it works.

A woman is expected to walk 3000-4500 (average) steps a day, She makes up 2-3km (approx.) a day * 360 days * 2 years = 1440 km

Hence, 1000 miles!

You read it right. We cover warranty upto 2 years. We do not want to be just another brand who gives warranty upto 3 months or 6 months. We are passionate of the products that we make, and we want to share that passion and have a long lasting relationship with our exploders and hence the warranty stands for 2 years.

HF Journey makes you walk an extra mile to reach your dream, with a protection for your sandals.

We want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you ever have concerns regarding the quality of your purchase on hfjourney.com, simply email us at care@hfjourney.com with a clear photo displaying the area of concern. In the body of your email, please include a description of the area of concern. A member of our Consumer Care team will swiftly follow up with you.

We're happy to talk through any quality concerns on a case-by-case basis.

No matter how well-constructed something is, it’s likely to eventually break or wear out with regular use. Here is where we help to bring back your shoe repaired, refurbished, or replaced based on the concern.


The following defects are covered by the HF JOURNEY warranty when claims are made by the consumer after her 1000 miles within the 2 year warranty period above:

  • Loose weaving on straps (new sandals only)

  • Delamination of foil leather (repairable)

  • Glue on the straps (glue rubs off of the sole - new sandals only)

  • Stitching coming undone on any part of sandal straps

  • Seams unstitching on upper (except when due to wear)

  • Popped or missing eyelets/trims

  • Non-matching colour between two halves of pair

  • Sole separation from upper


The following are NOT covered by the HF Journey warranty nor are the above defects covered when any of the following are prevalent:

  • Fraying of straps/shoe uppers due to use/abuse

  • Deterioration because of water abuse

  • Sole wearing out or worn through

  • Colour fading

  • Cuts, scratches, burns, etc.

  • Damage caused by negligence, misuse, or alteration of products


Any further questions? Write to us @ care@hfjourney.com