Why HF Journey?


Built for

Made for

Reasonably produced

  • We strive to ensure to reduce the carbon footprint by utilising most of the natural materials to tan our leathers.
  • Our Tanning process is strictly monitored to ensure a low impact on the environment.
  • We have a zero-discharge policy while tanning our leather so that we do not leave treated water outside.
  • Leather being largely bioproduct of the food industry, we ensure that we utilize the leather from there.
  • Many of the substances used during the tanning process are recovered, recycled, and reused in different fields.
  • Also, we consciously ensure to plant a tree against each order of footwear to reduce our carbon footprint.

Built for comfort

Our key features keeping comfort in mind are




Anti Skid Sole

Finest leather which takes the shape of wearers feet

Additional cushioning on the sole

Made for you

“We put ourselves into the shoes of the customer before developing any new product. We are not in the footwear making business, but our business is footwear making. Our footwears are built for anyone who wants to sand out, is assertive and feels unique.”

We craft masterpieces that are absolute statement makers just for you!

We believe the journey is not always crossing the oceans or climbing the mountain. It’s often the hundred feet to find your desires or, to resolve a conflict or, just step out of your comfort zone. We as a brand join the aspirating people who are bold and reach out to connect their dreams. To make people walk that one extra mile with confidence and pride.