Our Story

The beginning of a thousand miles starts with a single step

And thus our’s began several years ago. It all started over a trip to a Volcano in the islands of Indonesia which led us to HFJourney materializing in 2020. As part of the Arrow family and with an experience of over 20 years, we’re constantly Inspired by nature and tradition and always look to  combine these in a contemporary context.

As admirers of the great outdoors, we’re always observing nature’s movements which pushes for an authentic lifestyle that appreciates simplicity and traditional, time-tested way of creating things and as a result, all our leather is vegetable tanned, our colours spill from nature and our details are adopted from the crinkles of autumn leaves, barks of oak trees, rocks, feathers etc.

Every idea of the product is picked from nature and the details are embraced by its beauty. “If there is one way, the sure way to be right is nature’s way”. The leather we make are tanned with organic vegetable extracts and natural oil to remain soft, supple and to retain the unbroken surface,nude grain pores of the skin offer high breathability and form the outer skin.

Innovation comes by the way of relevance and translation of these age-old practices in today’s environment and we’ve taken European standards of a good leather shoe and made it relevant for the Indian feet which are generally wide-footed.

To put it simply, our form follows function and as we combine traditional sensibilities with the contemporary translations of material, patterns and craftsmanship, we are constantly walking this journey where we rediscover and learn old habits in a new light.

It’s a journey that leads us to different ventures, ones that teaches us to instil the power of nature into each piece we create. Some times, all it takes is a hundred steps forward to stay connected to our ethos.

Welcome to Hundred Foot Journey and this is our story.

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