Shoe size chart

HF Journey Footwear Size Chart

UK Euro HFJ Length cm Length mm
3 36 36 22.9-23.5 229-235
4 37 37 23.5-24.1 235-241
5 38 38 24.1-24.7 241-247
6 39 39 24.7-25.3 247-253
7 40 40 25.3-26.5 253-265
8 41 41 26.5-27.1 265-271

How to measure your foot:

Place your foot on a flat surface with your heel against a straight edge. Place a ruler beside your foot touching the straight edge your heel is also touching, then take the length in millimetres from the tip of your longest toe to your heel. Please be aware that your longest toe may not always be your big toe.


Fitting advice from our shoe fitting & development team

Everybody's feet are individual, but our shoes are developed to fit as consistently as possible across a range of different styles. The styling, construction or materials can affect the fit.

For example, a shoe made from patent leather may feel tighter than the same style made from soft, suede leather. This could be due to the consistency of the material and how it moves with your foot. However, leather is a natural material and may stretch over time to adapt the shape of your foot.

When we measure feet in our shops, we measure the length of the foot as well as the circumference to indicate which shoe size the customer is.

We can't make a range of shoes to accommodate each individual variation of measurements, which is why we provide many styles in half sizes and different width fittings.