Your feet will say Thank You

Your feet will say Thank You

Its that time of the year where our feet is mostly covered in socks or woollies. But did you know that this the time where our feet is more susceptible to dryness, cracked heel and other problems?

Here’s a few tips to keep your feet healthy and soft.

Warm Soak:

Feet soak has a lot of benefits. It not only cleanses your feet but also relieves you of any feet pain.

  • Add sea salt or rock salt to your tub. It has lot of healing properties which will ensure to take away all the stress from your feet
  • Ensure to add liquid soap, half a lemon juice to ensure that the feet is cleaned properly
  • You can add a little coconut oil or mustard oil if you have extreme dry skin
  • Use only warm water as extreme hot water might cause more dryness

Dead Skin Removal:

Rough, dry, chafed skin looks greyish and dull. Removing them is the first step towards a healthy foot.

  • Do not go harsh and do not aim to remove the dead skin in one day
  • Use a good feet scrub and then a exfoliator to remove the dead skin
  • Use gentle pressure while exfoliating and ensure that there are no injuries
  • Wash the feet with clean warm water and towel dry

Foot Mask:

Foot masks ensures nourishment and soothes your skin.

  • Home made foot masks using a ripe banana, lemon juice and olive oil or coconut oil is a secret that we learnt from our grand mom
  • You can choose to use paraffin mask if you have extreme dry skin
  • Ensure to use a thick layer of the mask and let it dry for at least 10-15 minutes


Everyday moisturization is very crucial in achieving that healthy and soft feet.

  • Make sure your feet are clean before you moisturize
  • You may choose to use store bought feet cream or home remedies like Vaseline Jelly, Olive Oil, Coconut oil or Mustard oil
  • Apply generous amount and massage your feet well, remove the excess
  • If its bedtime, wear a thick sock over it